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Street Racer Europe (PCDVD/ENG/2011)

Street Racer Europe (PCDVD/ENG/2011)

Street Racer Europe (PCDVD/ENG/2011)
English | Publisher/Developer: Team6 Game Studios | 611 Mb
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars / Motorcycles) / 3D Game

Street Racer Europe is a new, exciting, intuitive and high speed arcade racing game set in the most beautiful cities of Europe. Feel the freedom of a desperate street race, enjoying the gorgeous views of Prague, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Each of six unique cities features its own style and atmosphere. New for the street racing series is the addition of 3 motorcycles to purchase, upgrade, race and crash with, besides the regular available 14 racing monsters. If you see that you aren t giving the dust to your opponents, just run them off the road! Street Racer: Europe punishes the smallest mistakes, while it rewards the streetracers for the risk behavior like insane jumps, crashing into opponents, and near misses. Cut in the cars on the streets and don�t mind the traffic on your way to the victory, aggressive driving techniques are rewarded!

Street Racer Europe (PCDVD/ENG/2011)

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