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Faronics Anti Executable With Serial

Faronics Anti-Executable and its application whitelisting technology ensures endpoint
security and productivity by only allowing approved applications to run on a computer or
server. Any other programs — whether they are unwanted, unlicensed, or simply
unnecessary—are blocked from ever executing.

Application whitelisting also enforces compliance with organizational IT policies. Organizations benefit from productive user sessions each and every time, while IT personnel are guaranteed that desktop computers, notebooks, and servers are compliant with acceptable use policies, regulatory requirements, and software deployment schedules.

The Layered Security Approach

With the number and complexity of malware threats steadily increasing, relying solely on
definition-based anti-malware solutions to ensure IT security is no longer enough.
Anti-Executable offers a necessary additional layer of protection to the existing
"blacklist" solutions such as anti-virus - without the need for definition updates.

Balancing Security with Flexibility

Anti-Executable makes applying Windows and third-party updates easy and effortless. On demand or scheduled maintenance modes allow for application updates and additions with automatic white list population.

Visit the Key Features page for a full listing of Anti-Executable's capabilities and options for the two Windows editions: Standard and Enterprise. These features also apply to the Standard and Enterprise versions of Anti-Executable Server.

Discover how Anti-Executable applies to your environment:

Education Corporate & Government Libraries
Education Corporate/Government Libraries

Corporate / Government

Unauthorized or unwanted programs can cause a multitude of security and uptime challenges to corporate computing environments. Distractive and malicious software can be accidentally or intentionally installed on computers from portable drives, email accounts, and web browsing. Allowing these programs to run on workstations presents a serious challenge to IT’s efforts to keep computers running, corporate data secure, and employee productivity high.

Block Distractive Software From Running

Unauthorized applications—such as games and instant messaging clients—serve as distractions to employee productivity and cause corporate systems to be used for unintended purposes. For IT personnel, unauthorized software such as peer-to-peer file sharing applications are a drain on network bandwidth, a serious violation of acceptable use policies, and a threat to corporate data security. Having to repair computers that are experiencing system slowdowns or corruption caused by unauthorized software is a waste of IT resources and time. Anti-Executable’s white list protection eliminates all these problems and threats by ensuring computer workstations are only able to run applications that have been authorized for use. Anti-Executable helps ensure network bandwidth remains efficient, acceptable use policy compliance is enforced, and IT personnel are freed from tedious helpdesk and repair requests.

Stop Malicious Software From Installing

IT administrators are always in a constant battle trying to keep corporate computers and networks free of malicious software—such as keyloggers, spyware, malware, viruses, and trojans. These unwanted pieces of software can seriously cripple computing sessions, create damaging privacy leaks, and hamper employee productivity. As a result of government legislation such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, companies must make serious efforts to increase the security and integrity of their data. Anti-Executable protects users from these threats by blocking all unauthorized programs from installing or running while still providing users with the ability to access the programs that have been deemed by IT to be safe. Anti-Executable helps computers remain free of malicious software; corporate data remain secure; and enforces acceptable use and regulatory compliance.

Keep Systems Free Of Unlicensed Software

Ensuring that the software on corporate computer systems is fully licensed is a responsibility that IT personnel take seriously. If organizations are found to be in non-compliance, the consequences can be quite expensive. Anti-Executable makes it easy to ensure that computers remain in full-compliance at all times by preventing unlicensed software from running or installing. Systems remain in full-compliance at all times without the need for constant IT attention.



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